Eye-catching Socks

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Eye-catching Socks

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Eye-catching socks that are designed to work as sockpuppets too. Useful everyday.

Multifunctional socks for a person (that) like(s) you. 

These eye-catching socks look really good. Maybe because of all the sock-eyes, maybe just because YOU will wear them. But that's not all: these socks come with a feature everybody needs, but nearly no other footwear provides: 

They can also be used as a Sockpuppet! 

That's right. Not only will their soft cotton, polyamide and elastane charm your hands too, no, these handy socks will help you in nearly any situation: Boring meeting? Kids? Psychology session? Rap concert? No fun in bed? You name it. 

Size Chart:
EU 36-40 / US W 5.5-9.5 / US M 4.5-7.5 / UK 4-7
EU 41-46 / US W 10-12.5 / US M 8-12 / UK 7.5-11-5