SPIEL 22 recap

SPIEL 22 recap

SPIEL 22 was our first as a publisher with our own game. As one can imagine, it's quite a different experience. A exciting and exhausting one. 🤸‍♂️🌈

We wanted to have a unique and eye-catching booth, so we loaded a van with neon posters, a self built counter, a giant rolling eye, our legendary handpuppet-socks and of course as many games as we could fit. 

Prepping the Wonderbow booth @ SPIEL 22

Prepping the Wonderbow booth

We had a play area for Hunters of the Lost Creatures and one for Bad Baby Lich Lords. Playing the game with so many different people was a blast. The feedback was great and most people that tried the game, took one home afterwards.
A lot of new Community Creatures evolved spontaneously with the Creature Creator Cards. Overall: great fun, awesome community.


Meeting the Hop Meeple

Posing with the great @thehopmeeple

We also had some very promising conversations with other publishers and game designers. Exciting news will follow soon.

In the end, the nicest thing was meeting so many kind people interested in this friendly hobby. And we took some new games home for us too, obviously 😉

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Hunters of the Lost Creatures

Hunters of the Lost Creatures

The creatures are lost! Collect them & build the greatest wildlife park. Join the quick eternal 15min conflict full of fun & puns.
Bad Baby Lich Lords

Bad Baby Lich Lords

Bad Baby necromancers raise an army of skeletons to wake the sleeping Lich King.