KELP - Shark vs Octopus

A head-to-head battle of wits
between an Octopus and a Shark.

2 Players, 45-60 Min to play

A truly asymmetrical game.

In Kelp, each player achieves victory in a different way. The octopus player uses cards to hide and manipulate pieces on the board, and the shark player uses dice, moves around the board trying to hunt the octopus.

Deckbuilder meets dice bag builder.
Hide and seek meets bluffing and manipulation.

A game by Carl Robinson.
Art by Weberson Santiago.

Info & Credits

Game Design: Carl Robinson
Game Development Assistance: Sönke Schmidt, Laia Gonzalez
Illustrations: Weberson Santiago
Graphic Design: Sönke Schmidt
Editor: Sönke Schmidt, Laia Gonzalez
Publisher: Wonderbow Games
Year of release: 2024