Hunters of the

Lost Creatures

The creatures are lost! Collect them & build the greatest wildlife park. Join the quick eternal 15min conflict full of fun & puns.

Easy to learn, 20 - 30 Min Playtime

We love those "he knows that she knows that I know moments. This game just deserves its own word: EQFA! Easy, quick, fun and awesome!


presented by the Punda King

The Creatures

Populate your wildlife park with the rare Monopus, a Swordfish or even a Duocorn. Collect creatures from air, forest, plains and sea. There are more than 20 creatures to discover and 20 custom hunters. Some creatures are extremely rare. See some examples below:

Funded on Kickstarter in under 7 hours 🥳

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Info & Credits

Game Design: Sönke Schmidt
Illustrations: Sam Moore
Graphic Design: Sönke Schmidt
Editor: Laia Gonzalez
Publisher: Wonderbow Games
Year released: 2022
Mechanisms: Set collection, simultanious play with a little (and optional) take that element